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Conquer stage fright, bring out your charisma & deliver winning presentations...

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A Training Program Designed By the World Champion of Public Speaking, Founder of Public Speaking Academy

Our 2-Day Speak Performance Program for Adults is:

Why Adults Like Yourself Decide to Attend Our Speak Performance Program?

So What’s So Special About Our
2-Day Speak Performance Program?

1. Tested Frameworks

+ Unlike any other training or workshop, you'll be given different frameworks and techniques based on that are developed by Public Speaking World Champion, Darren Tay. Refined after 15 years of training experience!

+ Using tested frameworks & techniques will help you skip wasting time and effort on techniques that don’t make a huge difference. Frameworks can be applied for 1-on-1, group, meetings, networking or business.

About Your Trainers for the Speak Performance Program

Darren Tay

World Champion of Public Speaking
& Founder of Public Speaking Academy Pte Ltd

This program will be co-conducted by Darren Tay who won the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2016.

He had to survive many rounds of competition throughout 6 months before being able to enter the finals held in Washington, DC.

He emerged #1 out of 30,000 speakers from 42 countries worldwide and was awarded World Champion of Public Speaking in 2016.

His achievement attracted a lot of media attention and so he was featured on Channel NewsAsia, BBC, Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, Straits Times and many others.

Darren has conducted training for companies such as DBS Bank, HSBC, Google, SMU, NUS, NTU and many others.

Your Top 6 Questions, Answered

Q. How do I sign up?
You can sign up by 
clicking on this link for our online enrolment.

Q. Will there be meals & provided in this Speak Performance Program?
No meals will be provided during this 2-day training.

Q. What is the payment schedule like?
Simply make a single payment of S$897nett (early-bird) through our online enrolment to secure your seat. Once the early-bird ends, the enrollment fee will be S$997 nett.

Q. I can’t make it for the current training dates stated. Any future dates?
Go to this link to submit your details so we’ll inform you as soon as we have new dates available.

Q. How can I learn public speaking in 2 days?
Not everyone can but we’ve designed a hands-on oriented training so you can learn faster. Plus, you have 3 additional online booster sessions via Zoom for 3 months after the program so you go from average to great.

Q. How are your classes conducted with the present COVID-19 situation?
Our programmes are conducted with proper clearance from the relevant Government authorities (Ministry of Education and EnterpriseSG). We also abide by our Safety Management Plan, which measures such as safe distancing, mandatory mask-wearing, temperature-taking etc.

In the event of any COVID-19 measures, legislation, or any directive from the Government disrupting the conduct of the programme, there will be no refund of the fees paid. Instead, the programme will be postponed to another date/time (as per our 
Terms & Conditions).

Q. What if I miss a Booster Session? Can I get a discount?
The Booster sessions are free, additional value we are providing beyond the price of the programme. These sessions are optional and free for the graduates of our programme. Hence, there will be no reduction in price even if learners cannot make it for the Booster session(s).

Q. What if I Miss a Class or need to leave early?
There is no replacement for the missed session or a refund/pro-rate for the session/portions missed. We recommend learners to confirm their availability for the full programme before signing up (you may instead consider our regular public speaking programme).

Q. Who are the Trainers?
The programme will be helmed by our Principal/Master Trainer Mr Darren Tay and our Chief Operating Officer Mr Zulhafni Zulkeflee (with each Trainer taking one day content load each).

More About 
Public Speaking Academy Pte Ltd

Public Speaking Academy Pte Ltd is no stranger to teaching and training others.

Their mission is to help individuals to fulfil their dreams and aspirations through Public Speaking. They believe that it’s an underestimated skillset that can actually play a huge impact on a person’s future and career.

Till date, they have trained close to 100,000 people worldwide in 18 different countries.

Locally they have also conducted training for a number of companies in Singapore. Some of their Corporate Clienteles include DBS Bank, HSBC, Google, SMU, NUS, NTU and many others.

Public Speaking Academy


2-Day Speak Performance LIVE Training for Adults:

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What You’ll Learn at Speak Performance Program for Adults
(The 5-Core Framework)


Conquering Stage
Fright & Charisma

Most people have a fear of speaking in front of a crowd including the best speakers in the world. 

It’s more of how you learn to deal with it and take advantage of it.

Here's some things you'll learn:

● Effective power poses you can use to overcome stage fright
● Step-by-step visualization method to be consistently confident
● How to rehearse & practice like the top professional speakers


Delivering A Winning Business Presentation

How to deliver winning presentations every single time instead of relying on luck.

Here’s some things you’ll learn:
● How to compose an attention-grabbing story
● The secret to delivering powerful powerpoint presentations without reading off the slides
● The "Edge of the Seat" formula that keeps people listening attentively
● Dealing with Q&A
● Maintaining Stage energy


Top Body Language Secrets

Studies have shown that 70% of communication is body language! 

This is how important non-verbal communication is.

Here's some things you'll learn:

● Hand gestures, power poses, stage positioning
● How to have stage presence with just using your eyes
● Using body language to encourage audience participation effortlessly
●The power of using silence
● Facial expressions you should avoid using


Impromptu Speaking

● How to think fast on your feet if you need to speak at the last min
● The P.E.E.L & S.L.E.E.P formula that you can use if you've ran out of ideas
● The P.P.F model that helps you to speak during 1-on-1 or to a group

Program Outline:


Linguistics & Vocal

● How the best speakers of the world like Oprah, Obama use different vocal tone to build rapport & connection
● The Fast/Slow method when you speak that can help you bring your ideas across 5x more effectively
● What are some words to use & not to use

2. Hands-on Application

+ Throughout the 2-day program, there will be multiple opportunities for you to apply what you learn through hands-on activities so you can fully retain what you learn. You'll be surprised at how different you voice out your ideas within just 1 or 2 practices.

+ We believe in making sure that there's a safe environment where everyone can make mistakes before taking what you learn into your daily life.

3. Blindspot Feedback

+ You’ll also be given valuable feedback from Darren Tay & Zulhafni Zulkeflee during hands-on sessions as most of the time people will not be aware of their own blindspots. This is what you can NEVER get by reading a book or watching videos.

+ After the 2-day training, you’ll also have 3 additional booster sessions through a span of 3 months so you get to reinforce what you learn.

An Extra Bonus That You’ll Also Get When You Enrol Today:

Free Bonus: Additional 3 Booster Sessions (2 Hours Each)

● Not everyone may master the techniques taught in 2-days which why there will be an extra online booster session through zoom every month for 3 months

● Each session is 2-hours each, conducted via Zoom by our COO Mr Zulhafni Zulkeflee, and it'll be a great time for you to be in a conducive learning environment, at the comfort of your own home, and get feedback on mistakes you might not be aware of."

● You'll know how to speak & deliver your message or ideas in a clear, compelling and persuasive way

● It gives you the ability to avoid miscommunications which can cause unnecessary disagreements

● Gain the ability to voice your opinions confidently even if you're in a room full of strangers

● You'll be able to be heard & understood easily by others

Connect & relate with others through knowing how to create conversations easily

● Master a soft-skill that gives you an upper advantage in a world full of automation

Darren Tay appearing on Channel NewsAsia after emerging #1 out of 30,000 speakers from 142 countries worldwide

You're Trained Based on Our Unique "THB" Philosophy so you see massive changes.

You'll Become Fully Prepared & Be in Control to Handle Different Situations Such As:

If you need to deliver winning presentations for Business Or Personal


If you want to become confident with speaking in front of People. Regardless of whether It’s a small or large crowd.


If you want practical techniques to be an Effective Communicator at the workplace that plays a vital role in displaying capabilities more than just skillset alone.


If you want to know how to standout at important interviews so that it can lead to smooth career advancement.


If you want to conduct exciting training sessions using different tehcniques


If you want to know exactly what to say or do when meeting new people during networking or public events.


Our World-Class Training Program 
Will Help You to Become:

A Master Presenter

An Effective Communicator

A Persuasive
Business Presenter

A Fearless Networker

An Exciting Trainer

An Outstanding

Enroll Now - S$897, Full Payment

Note: Once the early-bird registration closes, The full program fee will be S$997. By enrolling in the program, you agree to the T&C of the program

SAFRA Tampines
1A Tampines Street 92

#01-13B  S528882
(Nearest MRT: Tampines West)

Early-Bird Program Fee:

no extra hidden charges


S$997 S$897nett.

2-Day LIVE Training Date & Time:

Mar 23 & 24, 2023 (Thur & Fri)
9am to 6pm on Both Days

Click the button below to enroll now:

What You Get:

■ 2 Day LIVE Training with World Champion of Public Speaking Darren Tay and COO of PSA Zulhafni Zulkeflee

■ Monthly Online Booster Session for 3 months (worth $297)

■ Printed training manual handbook (given on day 1)

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Speak Performance Program Fee & Other Details

How to Enroll for this 2-Day Speak Performance Program?

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Life-changing Reviews from Participants:

Darren’s Methods Have Opened Up Multiple Opportunities For Me.

"I wanted to overcome my fear of public speaking and become better at getting my ideas across to a large audience. After going through the training, I have been able to deliver impactful messages across various industry and startup conferences in Singapore, India and Sri Lanka. 

I have received sizeable press coverage and media recognition for my public speaking. Darren’s methods and practice sessions have really opened up multiple public speaking opportunities for me. Even with smaller audiences, it has enabled me to deliver better presentations and has helped make my messaging significantly more impactful."

More Confident in Speaking & Expressing Myself As A Person.

"I am more confident in terms of me speaking as well as expressing myself as a person. This has enabled me to meet up with different types of people and be more comfortable and be more aware of their body language when speaking to them. Generally, it has also opened up new opportunities in my life and made me a better person."

Helped Me Immensely in Preparation for An Important Interview.

"Darren has helped me immensely in the preparation of an important interview in my specialist medical career. He also helped me in structuring answers in an effective manner and delivering them in a confident manner. All in all, if you are looking to improve your interview, presentation or public speaking skills, I will highly recommend Darren."

- By Thilan, Co-founder of Create Lab.

- Perry, Events Executive.

- Grace, Medical Doctor.

The Structure Helps Me Be Equipped to Handle Different Situations.

"Before I went to Darren’s public speaking training, my speeches or any impromptu times I need to speak I usually feel really insecure. Most of the times, I just speak whatever comes to my mind, usually appear all over the place. Now… I felt more confident when i have to speak in front of a crowd. The structure and tips help me be more equipped to handle different situations."

- Hazel, Millennial life Coach & Financial Consultant.

“One year ago I couldn't even speak to a group of 10 without feeling nervous but this time I presented to a group of 70 managers and leaders from 5 countries! I even had a few people come up and told me it was a good presentation!."

- Ee Lin, Regional Manager

Attended by Many Working Professionals:

00 days 00 hrs 00 mins 00 secs

Early-Bird Registration CLOSING in:

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Zulhafni Zulkeflee

Chief Operating Officer & Former Deputy Public Prosecutor

● Bachelor of Laws (Hons), NUS

● Participated and won international mooting competitions (Jean-Pictet IHL Competition 2015)

● Recipient of the Roger Fisher Prize in Negotiation (NUS Law) in 2015

● Recipient of the Public Service Commission Singapore Government Scholarship (Open) in 2011

● Was a Deputy Public Prosecutor with the Crime Division, Attorney-General’s Chambers for over 4 years

Zulhafni believes in the power of persuasive and charismatic communication – in both oral and written form.

Having spent 4 years as a Deputy Public Prosecutor, Zulhafni has experience in crafting persuasive arguments and written submissions that aim to convince effectively and creatively.

Drawing from his experience as a litigator and communicator, Zulhafni believes in learning through a constructive, challenging and safe environment.

Important Terms & Conditions:
• No refunds for payments made, in part or in full. We recommend learners to confirm their availability for the full program before signing up.
• Requests for Postponement, under extenuating circumstances, are subjected to the approval of management team on a case-by-case basis.
• Seats are secured/ confirmed upon receipt of payment. There is no reservation of seats.
• Other Terms & Conditions Apply.

• Please be informed that the Management of PSA reserves the right to amend the T&Cs without prior notice given.